• Date: Jul 7th, 2016


AATS has launched Artecion (, on the eve of its 15th anniversary on 6th July held at Hotel Excellency, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar. Artecion,, a website that deals with the trade of art thereby encouraging artists from all over India to sell their art on this website creating awareness on importance of art amongst each and every person. This will create employment for artists and provide a base for them to showcase their talents on a global podium. With the mission of creating a platform to promote artists and provide them with deserved recognition, Artecion has a vision to boost exchange of art at global stage. The dream of Mr. Ashutosh Nanda, the founder of does not ends here, he wants to be a platform where all experienced and established artists would explore their talents and exhibit their artistic works globally. The experienced artists will inspire, encourage and guide young emerging artists, enhance their creative abilities and help them succeed in this global art platform. The upcoming plans of is to visit various art colleges, do art talent hunt by conducting Art competitions and provide scholarships to the deserved candidates. They also aim to help the underprivileged artists, showcase their talents by giving them the opportunity to participate in art exhibitions held nationwide and bring them to limelight. During the event, Mr. Ashutosh Patra and Mr. Susmit Pattnayak, the well known artists of Odisha said that they appreciate the aim of Artecion and the purpose of its existence; they will provide all support as artists to cooperate Artecion in fulfilling the dreams of every artist. “ is an online forum and a much waited platform that not only aspires but also inspires the established as well as the emerging artists to showcase their talent and artistic works. The possibility of branding, selling and buying paintings in a single platform is a boon for Artists and Art lovers”, said Mr. Adarsh Rath, a well wisher of Artecion. “The team of Artecion is doing a great job”, said few of the guests like Biswaswaroop Mohapatra, Madhusmita Swain, Satyajit Pal, Somesh Behera, Nilamadhav Dixit, Ajit Kumar Acharya, Rashmita Mohapatra and many others. Their honorable presence saw the vision of Mr.Ashutosh Nanda's Artecion turning to reality from a dream. At the end, Miss Lopamudra choudhury, a member of Artecion conveyed thanks to all the guests attended the event as well all the people who are directly and indirectly associated with Artecion, wishing their support and cooperation in the upcoming days.

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