Shipping and Delivery Information


Shipping and Tracking are the most important features of e-commerce websites as they outline and clarify the process of transfer of a product from the seller to the buyer.

Shipping refers to the shipment, i.e., transfer of goods and services from the seller's warehouse to the buyer's given address via courier agencies.

Tracking refers to the step by step detailed information by which a buyer can track the present status of his purchased product as well as it includes the transit details of the product from the warehouse till its delivery.


1. A user visits the website, selects the product to be purchased and then completes a transaction, through credit/debit card or via another payment gateway.

2. The product is ready to be shipped after being properly packed and labeled, hence sent for shipping.

3. The product leaves the warehouse and is in transit, it reaches the buyer via courier agencies.

4. The buyer receives the product after completing the required formalities.

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