Our Refund / Exchange Policy


Return/Refund Policy refers to the agreement where customers and users of the website are informed and made aware of the rules and regulations concerned with return of the product and getting refunds of the amount paid during its purchase.

Return/Refund Policy is an alternative to the Replacement Policy which e-commerce sites generally provide on account of shortcomings in the product sold.

In the former case, i.e., in Return/Refund Policy, the customers get a refund of the amount they had paid earlier for the product on returning the product, the amount is either returned back in cash or is credited back to the bank account, it mostly covers the transactions done through net banking, debit card, credit card, etc. Whereas in the latter case of Replacement Policy, the customer’s gets a replacement of the product, the replacement is exactly the same as the earlier product, this policy covers the Cash on Delivery transactions. We at Artecion are extremely concerned about our customers hence we have given immense importance to the Return/Refund Policy.

Since the products sold on our website are paintings and art, they are unique and only one of a kind so they cannot be replaced nor exchanged for a similar painting hence there is only one alternative, i.e., the Return/Refund Policy.

Under this policy, we refund back the entire amount (excluding the shipping charges) earlier paid for the purchase of the painting from our website, provided the customer needs to return back the piece of art in its original state without any damages to it.


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